Winter 2022/2023

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On the Cover: “SlowPitchSound and the Universe Between the Grooves" by Sara Constant. 
Features: “Kite Dreams Multidimensional Futures” by Terri Hron. “Gordon Grdina’s Sprawling Soundworld” by Lawrence Joseph. “Working It Out: Audiopollination Seeds Creative Evolution” by Joe Strutt. 
More stories: "Musicworks Live: Archive Activation" photos by Green Yang. “Jairus Sharif and the Expression of Truth” by Jesse Locke. “Seth A Smith’s Constant Interruption” by Andrew Patterson. “Back to where we started from” by editor Jennie Punter. 
Reviews of new music from: Tyondai Braxton; Yves Charuest, Michel Ratté, and Peter Kowald; Matt Choboter’s Hypnopompia; Robert Diack; Marina Hasselberg; Alice Ping Yee Ho; No Hay Banda; Pauline Oliveros and James Ilgenfritz; John Oswald; Monica Pearce; and TAK Ensemble. 
Events: FutureStops Festival (Toronto)
Words: Adriana Barton, Wired for Music: A Search for Health and Joy Through the Science of Sound. Danielle Shlomit Sofer, Sex Sounds: Vectors of Difference in Electronic Music. Paul Steinbeck, Sound Experiments: The Music of the AACM

Musicworks 144 CD  

1 Ra Comm 43 (2022) 4:54
Composed and performed by Jairus Sharif (Realistic MG-1, percussion drumship, alto saxophone, bird whistle, train whistle, saw duang, vocals). From the album Water & Tools (Telephone Explosion Records).
2 Plume d’onyx (2022) 4:56
Composed and performed by Jairus Sharif. Previously unreleased.
3 Installation at Broken Glass Rock No. 3 (2022) 2:11 Composed and performed by Seth A Smith (firbass). From the album Constant Interruption, Fundog Records.
4 Firbass at Alderway No. 2 (2022) 1:38 Composed and performed by Seth A Smith (firbass). From Constant Interruption.
5 You Betta Change ft. Distant Dust (2020) 2:55. Composed and produced by SlowPitchSound (turntable and electronics). From the self-released EP Distant Dust.
6 After After (2022) 2:30
7 Relaxants (2022) 2:08
8 Boundless (2022) 2:53 Tracks 6-8 composed and produced by SlowPitchSound (turntable and electronics).From the self-released album Expanding Thought Fields. 
9 Čhaŋlwášteya ečé nakéš waúŋ (I & II) (2022) 9:31 Composed and performed by Kite (vibraphone, assorted percussion, voice). Previously unreleased.
10 Rushhour (2019) 2:20 Composed and performed by Michiyo Yagi (electric twenty-one-string koto, seventeen-string bass koto, electronics),  Tamaya Honda (drums, percussion), and Gordon Grdina (electric guitar, oud). From the album Gordon Grdina’s The Twain feat. Dōjō and Kōichi Makigami (The Black Dot Records)
11 Koen Dori (2021) 5:57 Composed by Gordon Grdina. Performed by Gordon Grdina’s Nomad Trio. From the album Boiling Point (Astral Spirits).
12  Safar-e-Daroon (2020) 7:36 Composed by Gordon Grdina. Performed by Gordon Grdina’s The Marrow. From the album Safar​-​e​-​Daroon.
13 Lost in Redding (2014) 7:40 Composed by Tim Berne. Performed by Gordon Grdina (guitar, midi instruments). From the album Oddly Enough: The Music of Tim Berne (Attaboygirl Records).
14 Audiopollination Set 2, excerpt (2022) 4:35 Performed by Mira Martin-Gray (nylon string guitar, synth), Bea Labikova (baritone sax), and Fahmid Nibesh (guitar).
15 Audiopollination Set 3, excerpt (2022) 6:50 Performed by Piers Oolvai (affected bass clarinet, affected kalimba), Raphael Roter (drums), and Del Stephen (electronic percussion, keyboard synthesizer).

Musicworks 144 CD released December 2022 
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