Fall 2016

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“Ears in the Sphere: Exploring the Art of Sound in Virtual Reality” by Greg J. Smith
Carmen Braden Raises the Volume on the Subarctic” by Samia Madwar
“The Musical Lightness of Éric Normand” by Stuart Broomer
Nick Dourado Plays Outside the Comfort Zone” by Nick Storring
“The Material Soundscapes of Roarke Menzies” by Dan Joseph
Plumes Deconstructs Grimes” by Mary Dickie
“Between Folklore and the Future: The Music of Heidi Chan” by Francesca D’Amico
Visions of Sound: “Erin Gee Sings the Body Electric” by Alexander Varty
Label Profile: “Low Indigo: A Deeper Shade of Soul” by Nancy Lanthier
Event Review: “Unsound Toronto. Toronto, Canada” by Jonathan Bunce

1. Baron Samedi (2016) 7:09 Composed by Éric Normand. Performed by Raphaël Arsenault, Antoine Létourneau-Berger, Philippe Lauzier, Alexandre Robichaud, and Éric Normand. From the album Mattempa (Tour de Bras).
2. Fumée (2016) 4:54 Composed and performed by Xavier Charles and Éric Normand.
3. Torche! (2016) 4:56 Music improvised by the quintet Torche!: Xavier Charles, Franz Hautzinger, Philippe Lauzier, Éric Normand, and Michel F. Côté.
4. Waltz of Wing and Claw (The Raven Conspiracy, second movement) (2016) 2:50 Composed by Carmen Braden. Performed by Andrea Bettger, Kathryn Oraas, Osmond Chiu, and Anne-Marie Guedon. From the album Ravens (Centrediscs, forthcoming January 2017).
5. Breath’s Length (excerpt) (2016) 11:10 Composed and performed by Roarke Menzies.
6. MG_0036&0037-64bitfloat (2011) 7:01 Composed by Erin Gee. Performed by Audacity 2.0 and Photoshop 6.0. From the album Voice of Echo (2011).
7. Morning Gong (2016) 3:47 Composed and performed by Nick Dourado, James Goddard, and Andrew MacKelvie.
8. BUDI’S BUMP (2016) 1:00 Composed and performed by Nick Dourado.
9. Hubris (2016) 4:33 Composed and produced by Bachelard. From the digital album No More Gun Violence: Vol. II.
10. Oh Orwell (2014) 4:02 Composed by Veronica Charnley. Performed by Plumes Ensemble: Veronica Charnley, Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau, Saam Hashemi, Geof Holbrook, and Karl Jannuska.