Summer 2016

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crys cole Amplifies Personal Space” by Kristel Jax
“New Stages for New Music” by David Dacks and Peter Burton
“The Idiosyncratic Musicality of Marc Sabat” by Nick Storring
“The Shapeshifting Sounds of Gabriel Dharmoo” by Alexander Varty
“Burden Unpacks the Piano’s Inner Life” by Daniel Emberg
What We Are Saying: The Choreography of Listening” by Christopher Willes
Ayo Leilani Interrogates the Beats” by Francesca D’Amico
Sonic Geography: “Ocean Bug and Bird Songs” by Darcy Spidle
Visions of Sound: “Dasha Rush’s Dark Hearts of Space” by Greg J. Smith
Event Review: “Open Waters Festival. Halifax, Nova Scotia” by Nick Storring

1. Architect of Heartbreak (2015) 2:05 Composed and performed by Witch Prophet and Stas THEE Boss. From the EP HPB, released in August 2016.
2. Save Me (2014) 2:30 Written and performed by Witch Prophet (Etmet Musa).
3. Side A (Excerpt) (2014) 5:07 Composed by Shelagh Pizey-Allen, Caitlin Hutchison, and Doreen Girard. Performed by Burden. From the album Burden (2014).
4. Solo Improvisation for Voice and Hands (2015) 1:25 Composed and performed by Gabriel Dharmoo.
5. Cramp My Style (2015) 7:20 Composed and performed by Gabriel Dharmoo and the trio Of Sound, Mind, and Body: Tim Brady, Helmut Lipsky, and Shawn Mativesky.
6. 38,208 km (the distance required to make this work) (2016) 13:59 Composed and performed by crys cole.
7. Claudius Ptolemy (2008) 3:52 Composed by Marc Sabat. Performed by Daniella Strasfogel and Boram Lie. Commissioned by Johnny Chang and Jessica Catron for the Microscore Project.
8. Surface slips away, 4: Thoreau Songs (2014) 12:21 Composed by Marc Sabat. Performed by Elise Jacoberger, Magnus Andersson, and Rohan de Saram.
9. Lying in the grass, river and clouds (2012) 24:16 Composed by Marc Sabat. Performed by Daan Vandewalle and Ensemble Contrechamps, conducted by Michael Wendeberg. In memory of John Cage.