Summer 2014

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“The Restless Art of Radwan Ghazi Moumneh” by Dimitri Nasrallah
Erin Sexton Tunes in to the Eternal Music of Matter” by Deanna Radford
“Space for Listening: Chiyoko Szlavnics Draws the Ear Towards Infinity” by Julian Cowley
Louis Andriessen: Writing Music as a Reason for Being” by René van Peer
“From Ancient Grooves to Modern Traditions: Isaiah Ceccarelli Works the Room” by Nick Storring
“Get Your Glitter On: Petra Glynt Experiments in Celebration” by Mary Dickie
Michael Trommer’s The Show” by Vincent Pollard
Sonic Geography: “Burning Daylight in Igloolik” by Christine Fellows
Visions of Sound: “Gil Delindro’s Instruments of Nature” by Jonathan Bunce
Label Profile: “Caduc: All in the Name” by Nick Storring
Event Review: “Whitney Biennial 2014. Whitney Museum, New York, New York” by Kurt Gottschalk       

1. Amanem (2012) 8:54 Composed and performed by Jerusalem in My Heart (Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, Malena Szlam Salazar, and Jérémie Regnier). From the 2013 album Mo7it Al-Mo7it (Constellation Records, CST093)
2. Constellations I (2011) 3:19 Composed by Chiyoko Szlavnics for Eve Egoyan. Performed by Eve Egoyan. (These credits apply to tracks 3 and 4).
3. Constellations II 3:11
4. Constellations III 3:15
5. Improvisation – Louis and Cristina (2009) 11:03 Performed by Louis Andriessen and Cristina Zavalloni.
6. Solo IV (2011) 6:46 Composed and performed by Isaiah Ceccarelli.
7. Of This Land (2012) 3:13 Composed and performed by Petra Glynt. Released in June 2013 on the EP Of This Land (Healing Power Records, HPR 14).
8. For MA (2014) 6:07 Electrochemical improvisation by Erin Sexton.
9. Live in Silent Barn (2014) 12:58 Live improvisation by Gil Delindro.
10. The Night Paddler (2013) Composed and performed by Michael Trommer