Summer 2010

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“Psychotropic Sonics: New Age Music – The Second Wave” by Jay Somerset
Richard Windeyer Immerses the Listener” by Chris Kennedy
Richard Marsella: A Cabaret of Contradictions” by Matthew Pioro
Marilyn Lerner Achieves a Fine Balance” by Ken Waxman
“Cyber-Libertarians Unite: Open-Source Digital Music Curation is Coming” by Patrick Burkart
Darsha Hewitt: Electronics Cowgirl Explores Sound with Hacked Audio Circuits” by David McCallum
Analia Llugdar: Interior Travels” by Richard Simas
DIY: “How to Make Binaural Microphones” by Rob Cruickshank
Sonic Geography: “Knoxville, Tennessee” by Jonny Dovercourt
Visions of Sound: “The Combine Project” by Steven White
Event Review: “Sonic Acts XIII. Amsterdam, The Netherlands” by Patrick Valiquet

1. Tronik Involutions – Retreat (1994) 6:16 Composed and performed by Elodie Lauten.
2. Tronik Involutions – Encounter (1994) 5:30 Composed and performed by Elodie Lauten.
3. The Combine Project (Excerpt, 2004-09) 4:56 Composed and performed by Steven White.
4. Death by Water (Excerpt, 2003) From part two of Bluemouth Inc.’s site-specific performance trilogy Something About a River.
5. Wolfblitz/Broken Sleep (2008) Composed and performed by National Exit Strategy.
6. Baba Yaga (2008) 2:23 Composed by Richard Marsella. Performed by the Lollipop People.
7. Clue the Musical (Excerpts, 2010) 4:06 Composed by Richard Marsella. Performed by Nichol S. Robertson, Sly Juhas, Jeremy Strachan, Gregory Oh, Rich Marsella, Tom Juhas. From the CD recording Friendly Rich presents The Sacred Prune of Remembrance (2010).
8. Soundscapes from Knoxville, Tennessee (2010) Recorded by Johnny Dovercourt.
9. Experiment (Excerpt, 2009) 4:48 Performed by Darsha Hewitt.
10. Backtack (2009) Realized by Marilyn Lerner in collaboration with Darren Copeland.
11. Wild Analysis (2009) Composed and performed by Marilyn Lerner, Ken Filiano, and Lou Grassi. From the trio's debut CD Arms Spread Wide, released on No Business Records.
12. La Faim Artaud – Ib. Kré puc te (2007) Composed by Analia Llugdar. Performed by Ensemble Les enfants terribles.