Summer 2007

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John Oswald: A Time to Hear for Here” by Kelvin Browne
“The Evolving Compositional Art of Micheline Roi” by Gayle Young
“An Electronic Q&A With Trevor Wishart” by W. Mark Sutherland and Gayle Young
John Cage and Lejaren Hiller’s HPSCHD” by David Eisenman and Joel Chadabe
“In the Tradition of Chance: The Music of Mike Kane” by Adam Khedheri
“Remembering James Tenney” by John Luther Adams
John Weinzweig (1913-2006): A Radical Remembered” by John Beckwith and Elisabeth Bihl
“Of Musical Creativity, Royalties, and the Canadian Listener” by Tim Brady
Sonic Geography: “Belgrade” by Milenko Micanovic
Visions of Sound: “Resonating With Light” by Edo Paulus
Event Review: “Luigi Nono: Master of Sound and Silence Festival. Montreal, Quebec” By Emily Hall