Summer 2006

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Negativland: Over the Edge and All in Your Head” by Gayle Young
“Music is Energy: A Radical Restatement” by David Mott
“Heart Connection: A Conversation With David Mott” by Tilman Lewis
“The Ichigenkin Music of Minegishi Issui” by Randy Raine-Reusch
Kathleen Yearwood’s Dance With Duende” by Andrew Robins
3/4hadbeeneliminated: Italian Improvisors’ Mind Games” by Daniela Cascella
“Music Without an Audience Part 1: The Avant-Garde Music Business” by Donal McGraith
“Piano Performers of Today – Artists or Music Historians?” by Tzenka Dianova
Sonic Geography: “Vancouver” by Randy Raine-Reusch; “Canary Islands” by Alberto Martinez; “Gothenburg” by David McCallum; “Montreal” by Steve Heimbecker
Visions of Sound: Chiyoko Szlavnics
Event Review: “Interférence: Static X-static. Vancouver New Music. Vancouver, British Columbia” by Randy Raine-Reusch