Spring 2011

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“STEIM Develops Electronic Tools for Musicians” by Glen Hall
Paul Walde Subverts Nature as Culture” by Jonathan Bunce
Dániel Péter Biró Convolves Sound in Concert Music” by Elissa Poole
Cléo Palacio-Quintin Takes Performance to the Future on her Hyper-Flute” by Richard Simas
Émilie Payeur: Electroacoustic Sound Painting” by Ted Harms
“Computer Music Futures: Sex as We Don’t Know It” by Pauline Oliveros
Matt Rogalsky Builds a Radio-Fed Choir of Candy-Coloured Electric Guitars” by David McCallum
DIY: “How to Make a Fuzzbox” by Rob Cruickshank
Sonic Geography: “The Camino Portugués to Santiago de Compostela” by Stuart and Cherie Broomer
Visions of Sound: “Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony”
Label Profile: “Rotorelief Embraces the Experimental Beautifully” by Chris Kennedy
Event Review: “Flow Festival. Helsinki, Finland” by Jason van Eyk

1. La marée dans la bouche (2009) 6:09 Composed by Cléo Palacio-Quintin. Text from La marée dans la bouche by Kim Doré. Performed by Lori Freedman, Cléo Palacio-Quintin, and Kim Doré.
2. Northern Symphony (Movement 4, 2001) 1:48 Composed by Paul Walde. Performed by the Jordan Mann Ensemble.
3. Northern Symphony – Movement 4 Time Stretch (2010) 10:55 Live remix of Northern Symphony movement 4 by Paul Walde at Malaspine Printmakers Gallery, Vancouver, 2010.
4. Composition for Light, Percussion, and Ultrasound (Excerpt, 2010) 1:41 Composed by Paul Walde.
5. Diatonic Guitars (Audio study for sound installation, 2011) 4:48 Composed by Matt Rogalsky.
6. Hadavar (The Word) (2008-2010) Composed by Dániel Péter Bíro. Performed by Noa Frenkel, Sven Thomas Kiebler, Reinhold Braig, Kirk McNally, and Thomas Hummel.
7. Triptyque (2010) Composed and realized by Émilie Payeur.
8. 1-Bit Symphony – Movement 2 (2009) 9:36 Composed and designed by Tristan Perich.
9. 1-Bit Symphony – Movement 4 (2009) 8:45 Composed and designed by Tristan Perich.
10. A Cheval (1997) Composed by Michel Waisvisz. Taken from the CD In Tune, sonig 45CD, 2005.