Spring 2007

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“The Percussive Art of Rick Sacks” by Anne Bourne
Finnbogi Pétursson: Capturing the Shape of Time” by Donald Brackett
“Returning the City: O+A’s Installation Art” by Kay Burns
“Improvisational Alchemy and the Art of Peter Mettler” by Joel McConvey
“The Canada Council at 50” by Gayle Young
“A Few Words About Jim Tenney” by Larry Polansky
“Reflections on James Tenney” by Chiyoko Szlavnics
“Blue Heron for Piano and Bass” by Pauline Oliveros
Sonic Geography: “Bone Lake, Haliburton, Ontario” by Gayle Young; “Yukon” by Kay Burns
Visions of Sound: “Surrogate to Natural Harmony” by Sulo and Ivika
Event Review: “James Tenney Festival. California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California” by Gayle Young