Gordon Monahan's

Gordon Monahan's "ABCDEFG"

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Gordon Monahan recreated this score for Musicworks Editions, based on a piece he composed in 1981 but did not perform until 2012. We have a signed and numbered edition of five copies (only four left!). For open instrumentation. 8.5” x 11”.
Musicworks Editions is a new fundraising project that supports our Musicworks in the Classroom outreach program. Funded exclusively by the generosity of sponsors and donors, three thousand copies of Musicworks magazine are distributed to music and media arts students at the university/college levels every year. We believe that this program is essential to build awareness and educate the next generation of listeners, composers, musicians, and sound artists.  
Kindly direct any inquiries to Jessie at sound@musicworks.ca or by calling (416) 977-3546.