Fall 2022

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On the Cover: “Jessica Moss Explores the Orchestra Within” by Mary Dickie. 
Features: “Ohama’s Alternative Dimensions” by Jesse Locke. “Resequencing Resonances: Two Toronto music venues set precedents in what repatriation looks like in music scenes” by Juro Kim Feliz. “Chloe Alexandra’s Meaningful Exchanges” by Sara Constant. 
Sound Bites: "Mariana Vieira’s The Unexpected Encounter with Diversity" by Jennie Punter. “DenMother’s Emotional Landscapes” by Eric HIll. “Jordan Dykstra’s Special Effects” by Kurt Gottschalk. “Re:considering Venues” by editor Jennie Punter. 
Reviews of new music from:  An Laurence 安媛, Derek Bailey, Allison Cameron, Katelyn Clark and Isaiah Ceccarelli, Esmerine, Eucalyptus, Gordon Grdina, Quartetski, and Nick Storring.  
Events: “London Contemporary Music Festival” by Daniel Glassman. “Sound Symposium XX” by Wendy Rose.

Musicworks 143 CD  

1 The Unexpected Encounter with Diversity (2021) 8:03 Composed and performed by Mariana Vieira. First Prize, 2022 Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest. 
2 King (Idol Worship) (2021) 4:00 Composed and performed by Sabarah-Anne Pilon. From Frantic Ram.
3 Frantic Ram (Closing Prayer) (2021) 3:18 Composed and performed by Sabarah-Anne Pilon. From Frantic Ram.
4 I saw a Light (2012) 3:42 Composed by Jordan Dykstra and performed by Zachary Paul (violin), Matt Lau (violin), Alec Santamaria (viola), Joshua Wise (cello), Tristan Kasten-Krause (double bass), and Jordan Dykstra (percussion, programming, synths, viola).
5 Elle’s Descent (2020) 3:28 Composed and performed by Jordan Dykstra.6 An Exchange (2022) 5:15 Composed and performed by Chloe Alexandra Thompson. From They Can Never Burn the Stars (Side Records, SIGE 108), released June 17, 2022.
7 And Without A Word (1986) 3:37 Composed and performed by Tona Walt Ohama. 
8 Kara (Traditional) 1:57 Sung by Goombine. Recorded at the Tranzac Club by Juro Kim Feliz on April 26, 2022. Goombine has given Musicworks permission to include the recording of his singing of “Kara” on this CD, with special acknowledgement of his relatives in Daly River (Northern Territory, Australia), who passed on this song to him.
9 Contemplation II (2021) 6:57 Composed and performed by Jessica Moss (violin). From Phosphenes (Constellation, CST161, 2021). 10 Uncanny Being (Violin Study #2) (2022) 6:18 Composed by Jessica Moss. Performed by Jessica Moss (violin), Jim White (drums), and Thierry Amar (upright bass). From Galaxy Heart (Constellation, CST168, 2022).  

Musicworks 143 CD released October 2022 
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