Fall 2021

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On the Cover: “Understory’s Sonic Ecosystem: A new performance and recording series connects improvising musicians from different genres and time zones” by Jennifer Thiessen.
Features: “Frank Denyer Probes the Unconscious” by Nick Storring. “Reclaiming Chinatown: the alternative spaces of Parker Mah and respectfulchild” by Peggy Hogan. “The Apperceptive Musical Adventures of Taylor Brook” by Kurt Gottschalk.
Sound Bites: "Listening Forward, Looking Back" editorial by Jennie Punter. “Rocío Cano Valiño, winner of the inaugural Marcelle Deschênes Prize in Electronic Music” by Jennie Punter.
Reviews of music from: Akropolis Reed Quintet, Quasar, Badge Epoch, Francisco del Pino, Alex Eddington, Le GGRIL, Intersystem, Maurice Louca, Barbara Monk Feldman, New Chance, John Oliver, Jocelyn Robert and Alexandre St-Onge, Linda Catlin Smith, Lori Freedman, Waxwing, Anna Webber, and Pamela Z.
Label profile: “Xylem Records: Beyond the Algorave” by Griffin Martell.
Reads: Guitar Talk: Conversations with Visionary Players by Joel Harrison. Reviewed by Kurt Newman.

Musicworks 140 CD
1 Okno (2020) 10:00 Composed and performed by Rocío Cano Valiño. First Prize, Musicworks’ 2020 Electronic Music Composition Competition.
2 Freshwater Organism (2021) 5:01 Composed and performed by Gabriel Dharmoo (voice), SlowPitchSound (turntables, samples, field recordings), and Lan Tung (erhu). World premiere July 15, 2021, online as part of Show One, Season One of Understory.
3 Virtutes Occultae, 1 – Prelude (2017) 3:28 (see below)
4 Virtutes Occultae 2 – Aria (2017) 4:58 Composed by Taylor Brook and performed by Brook on six retuned pianos, realized electronically. From the album Virtutes Occultae, Ouaricon Editions, OAR001, 2017.
5 Singe (2013) 3:16 Composed by Parker Mah. Performed by Rhythm & Hues: Parker Mah (keys, cajita, percussion), Anh Phung (flute), Sarah Linhares (voice), Martin Heslop (double bass), and Moïse Yawo Matey (calebasse, congas, djembe, cajon, percussion). From The Live EP, released on bandcamp (2013).
6 s.a.d. (2018) 5:50 Composed and performed by respectfulchild (violin). Home recording, made on Treaty 6 territory. Originally released on the Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 10 compilation (2018).
7 Apocrypha 2, excerpt (1980) 1:44 Composed by Frank Denyer. Performance by Musica Practica, directed by Jo Kondo. Recorded in Kamakura, Japan, 1990.
8 Quartet, excerpt (1988–90) 2:37 Composed by Frank Denyer. Performed by Jos Zwaanenberg (flutes), Jan Rokyta (cimbalom), Marcel Andriessen (steel pans), and Jos Tieman (double bass). From Finding Refuge in the Remains (Etcetera, KTC 1221).
9 Contained in a Strange Garden, excerpt (1993) 1:27 Composed by Frank Denyer. Performed by Robin Canter (mei) and James Wood (percussion). From Finding Refuge in the Remains (Etcetera KTC 1221).
10 String Quartet, excerpt (2017–18) 2:39 Composed by Frank Denyer.
Performed by the Lunar String Quartet: Janneke van Prooijen and Diamanda La Berge Dramm (violins), Elisabeth Smalt (viola), and Katherine Gross (cello). From Another Timbre AN 148
11 Two Female Voices and Two Flutes, excerpt (2013) 2:06 Composed by Frank Denyer.
Performed by Juliet Fraser and Sophie Fetotaki (voices) and Jos Zwaanenburg and Carlos Anez (flutes). From The Boundaries of Intimacy (Another Timbre, AN 148).
12 There is No Finished World, excerpt (2021) Composed and performed by Norah Lorway. From Slow Panic (Xylem Records, July 2021).
13 Khartum (2021) 5:52 Composed, performed, and recorded by Nick Storring.
14 Narva (2021) 4:32 Composed, performed, and recorded by Nick Storring. “Khartum” is from Newfoundout (2021, Mappa Editions MAP027). “Narva” was recorded for this album, but not included.

Musicworks 140 CD released October 2021
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