Fall 2020

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On the Cover: “Casey Koyczan Resonates the Future” by Mercedes Webb Features: "Susan Alcorn’s Vibrant Deviations" by Jesse Locke "Aidan Baker’s Ambient Autonomy" by Michael Rancic "An Inexhaustible Source of Wild Music" by Amy Brandon "Markus Lake’s Motion Emotion" by Brennan McCracken "Catherine Debard’s Sonic Soul Searching" by Tom Beedham
Sound Bites: "New Frequencies" editorial by Jennie Punter "Canton Diab’s Cascadian Guitar Music" by Laura Stanley "Eliza Kavtion’s Call and Response" by  "Arkora’s Cloud Chamber" by Tova Kardonne
Reviews of music from: Yves Charuest, The Giving Shapes, Gordon Grdina, Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson, Hypercube, Indweller, Intoxidation, Ingrid Laubrock + Kris Davis, New Hermitage, Nídiam, Jordan Nobles, (PEP) Piano and Erhu Project, Irmin Schmidt, Ways + Simon Toldham, and Witch Prophet.
Label profile: "Squint Press: 20 Years of Wayward Aesthetics" by Nick Storring
Reviewed: Everyseeker: Emergent Response (Halifax/Internet); Of Stars and Stripes: A Biography of Sonny Greenwich (book).

Musicworks 137 CD
1 Ravenous (2018) 3:02 Composed and performed by Casey Koyczan (guitar, Ableton Live, synth, drums). From the free NAHGA EP YIIDIIKO.
2 Standing On Ice (2019) 5:54 Composed and performed by Marina Hasselberg (cello) and Casey Koyczan (bests, arrangin, production).
3 Kids & Trails (2017) 6:03 Composed and performed by Casey Koyczan. Soundtrack made in Palomino, Colombia, during an international artists residency.
4 Born Under Punches as the Sparks Fly Upward (2019) 5:08 Composed and performed by C. Diab (acoustic bowed guitar, augmented trumpet, Yamaha CS synth, house lamp).
5 Nashville (2018) 4:31 Composer by Eliza Kavtion. Performed by Eliza Kavtion (guitar, samples) and John Milchem (drums).
6 Limitless (2020) 4:46 Composed by Catherine Debard (aka YlangYlang). From the album Interplay.
7 Forward Always (2020) 7:26 Composed and performed by Markus Lake (aka Markus Floats). From Third Album.
8 Icy Moments w/ Bass Pulse (2020) 4:27 Composed and performed by Aidan Baker (electric guitar, electric bass, electronic processing).
9 Circular Ruins (2019) 9:46 Composed by Susan Alcorn. From the album Pedernal.
10 If I Could Find A Thing to Hate (1965) 4:12 Composed and performed by Terry Rusling. From the album The Machine Is Broken.
11 Extensions II (Guitar) (1975) 8:06 Composed and performed by Robert Bauer. From the album Guitar Extensions.
Musicworks 137 CD released August 2020.
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