Fall 2015

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Expand your soundworld in Musicworks #123! Explore the expanding universe of Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, an ensemble that has dazzled fans with hymns about deities and epic forces, both familiar and alien. Traverse genres and continents with Joshua Abrams, who fuses jazz, free improvisation, and soundscape by way of the guimbri. Learn about new innovations in music therapy, where free improvisation and John Cage’s stochastic processes have widened musical languages to liberate mind and body. Discover the provocative interdisciplinary work of Tahltan artist Peter Morin and of American artist Christine Sun Kim. Slip into Di Mainstone’s mind-expanding sonic project Human Harp, composer Anna Pidgorna’s invented folk songs, the percussion explorations of Germaine Liu, and the retro aesthetic of Le Révélateur.

On the CD: Nine new or previously unreleased tracks from artists in the Fall 2015 issue.