Winter 2018

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Musicworks 132, the final issue of our 40th anniversary year, features tongue-tingling stories and collaborative creativity with a hint of chocolate! 

On the Cover: “Trauma of My Mouth: One Artist’s Obsession with a Puny, Ancient, Pancultural Music Tool” by Darcy Spidle. Cover and inside photographs by Heather Rappard.
Features: “Inside A Hushed Workshop: Luke Nickel transmits a Living Score” by Heather Roche. Photographs by Sam Walton.
“André Cormier: A Formalist Makes Shapes for Intuitive Play” by Nick Storring.
in memoriam . . . : A New Score Honours the Past” by Ian Crutchley.
Profile: “Lina Allemano Is Splitting Time” by Stuart Broomer.
Sound Bites: “Bagpipes Blew My Mind” by Josh Thorpe.
“Joseph Shabason’s Patient Unravelling” by Brennan McCracken.
“The Ever-Evolving Sounds of Thanya Iyer” by Chaka V. Grier.
“Raven Chacon” by Ian Crutchley.
“Editor’s Note: Who’s Telling the Story” by Jennie Punter.
Reviews of new music from: Clarence Barlow, Sarah Davachi, Christopher Fox, Kyle Gann, Julius Eastman, Pierre-Yves Martel, Megumi Masaki, Jessica Moss, The Necks, The Oakland Elemetary School Arkestra, and Bekah Simms.
Label profile: “Akuphone: Tradition Transition Transmissions” by Alexander Varty.
Reviewed: 2018 Guelph Jazz Festival (Ontario); Vancouver New Music Festival: Quartetti—A festival of string quartets (British Columbia); Jazz Worlds/World Jazz. Edited by Philip Bohlman and Goffredo Plastino.

Musicworks 132 CD 
1. Pipes Field #1 (2018) 3:51 Recorded and mixed by Josh Thorpe. Performed by unidentified pipe bands. Recorded at the 2018 World Pipe Band Competition in Glasgow, Scotland. Previously unreleased.
 2. Dangerous Chemicals (2018) 6:29 Composed by Joseph Shabason. Performed by Joseph Shabason (synth, bass clarinet, samples), Hugh Marsh (violin, effects), Phil Melanson (percussion), Kate Allen (bottle), and Bram Gielen (piano). From the album Anne (Western Vinyl, WV182, 2018).
 3 Sail Away (2016) 4:14 Composed by Thanya Iyer. Performed by Thanya Iyer (vocals, piano, violin, toy piano, banjolin, synths), Alex Kasirer-Smibert (upright bass, synths, guitar), Daniel Gélinas (drums, marimba-synth, field recordings, dried clementine peels), Shaina Hayes (vocals), Simon Millerd (trumpet, synths), Sarah Pagé (harp). From Thanya Iyer’s 2016 self-released album Do You Dream? 
4. Mary Cecil, excerpt from in memoriam . . .Mary Cecil, Victoria Callihoo (née Belcourt), and Eleanor (Helene) Thomas Garneau (2017) 20:56 Composed by Postcommodity and Alex Waterman. Performed by Postcommodity, Alex Waterman, Malaya Bishop, Jaynine Lena McCrae, seth cardinal, Jared Tailfeathers, nêhiyawak (Marek Tyler, Kris Harper, Matthew Cardinal), and Curtis Lefthand. Track originally released on Record A1, Side B of the limited edition, three-volume, vinyl box set in memoriam . . ., released September 2018 by Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective.
 5. A Hushed Workshop (2018) 14:49 Composed by Luke Nickel. Performed by Heather Roche (bass clarinet). Recorded by Simon Reynell in London in the U.K., 2018. Previously unreleased. 
6. Sometimes Y (2017) 4:28 Composed by Lina Allemano. Performed by the Lina Allemano Four: Lina Allemano (trumpet), Brodie West (alto saxophone), Andrew Downing (double bass), and Nick Fraser (drums). From the Lina Allemano Four album Sometimes Y (Lumo Records, 2017-7).
 7. Squish It (2017) 7:23 Composed and performed by Lina Allemano (trumpet), Ryan Driver (analog synth), Rob Clutton (bass), and Nick Fraser (drums). From Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot album Squish It! (Lumo Records, 2017-8). 
8. vegetable memory (2018) 3:21 Composed and performed by Darcy Spidle (chik white), jaw harp and voice. Recorded in Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia. Previously unreleased. 
9. Liens intimes et problématiques, excerpt (2014) 7:18 Composed by André Cormier. Performed by Ensemble Sisyphe: Jeffery Bazett-Jones (violin), Robin Streb (viola), Ana Maria Lleras (violincello), Andrew Reed Miller (contrabass).
Musicworks 132 CD released December 2018. 
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