Winter 2018

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Musicworks 132, the final issue of our 40th anniversary year, features tongue-tingling stories and collaborative creativity with a hint of chocolate! 

On the Cover: “Trauma of My Mouth: One Artist’s Obsession with a Puny, Ancient, Pancultural Music Tool” by Darcy Spidle. Cover and inside photographs by Heather Rappard.
Features: “Inside A Hushed Workshop: Luke Nickel transmits a Living Score” by Heather Roche. Photographs by Sam Walton.
“André Cormier: A Formalist Makes Shapes for Intuitive Play” by Nick Storring.
in memoriam . . . : A New Score Honours the Past” by Ian Crutchley.
Profile: “Lina Allemano Is Splitting Time” by Stuart Broomer.
Sound Bites: “Bagpipes Blew My Mind” by Josh Thorpe.
“Joseph Shabason’s Patient Unravelling” by Brennan McCracken.
“The Ever-Evolving Sounds of Thanya Iyer” by Chaka V. Grier.
“Raven Chacon” by Ian Crutchley.
“Editor’s Note: Who’s Telling the Story” by Jennie Punter.
Reviews of new music from: Clarence Barlow, Sarah Davachi, Christopher Fox, Kyle Gann, Julius Eastman, Pierre-Yves Martel, Megumi Masaki, Jessica Moss, The Necks, The Oakland Elemetary School Arkestra, and Bekah Simms.
Label profile: “Akuphone: Tradition Transition Transmissions” by Alexander Varty.
Reviewed: 2018 Guelph Jazz Festival (Ontario); Vancouver New Music Festival: Quartetti—A festival of string quartets (British Columbia); Jazz Worlds/World Jazz. Edited by Philip Bohlman and Goffredo Plastino.