Winter 2017

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"The Sonic Transmissions of Geronimo Inutiq" by Crystal Chan

"Cultivating a Place to Listen: Why has a vibrant community of emerging composers chosen British Columbia’s cozy, scenic capital over more bustling contemporary-music hubs?" by Nick Storring
"The Music of Interface: Human beings are creating sophisticated instruments and systems that “amp up” the musicality of movement and gesture." by Greg J. Smith
"Rebecca Bruton Lets The World In" by Sara Constant
"Saxophonist Karen Ng Sets The Scene" by Mary Dickie
"By This River: German experimental icon Hans-Joachim Roedelius has spent fifty years floating against the current" by Jesse Locke
"Kamancello explores a new duo dimension" by Daniel Glassman
Vision of Sound: "Human Nature: Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall's Biophilia" by Alexander Varty
Label Profile: "Spool: Music in the Margins" by Nick Storring
Event Reviews: "2017 Guelph Jazz Festival" by Ken Waxman, "send+receive: a festival of sound, v.19" by Daniel Emberg 

1. Seal Flipper (2008) 4:56 Composed and performed by Geronimo Inutiq. From the digital album Developments (self-released, 2008, Bandcamp).
2. Underworld (2017) 7:37 Composed and performed by Geronimo Inutiq as Natural Gift, aka Destiny. From the limited-edition cassette release Transmission (2017, Indigene Audio).
3. Tranzac Solo Improv Set excerpt (2017) 7:22 Improvisation composed and performed by Karen Ng (alto saxophone).
4. Serpentine (2017) 7:14 Improvisation composed and performed by Kamancello: Shahriyar Jamshidi (kamanche) and Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello). From the album Kamancello (self-released, 2017).
5. each one: enfolded...loved... excerpt (2017) 14:58 Composed by Daniel Brandes. Performed by APTL Ensemble.
6. The continuum of something—nothing excerpt (2015) 4:57 Composed and performed by Kristy Farkas (piano).
7. a grey, bent interior horizon excerpt (2016) 4:33 Composed by Alex Jang. Performed by Adrian Verdejo (guitar).
8. How to get to Arnhem excerpt (2010) 5:51 Composed by Hollas Longton.
9. Palästinalied: Álrêrst Lébe (2016) 3:42 Composed by Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins. Performed by the Orkest de Ereprijs.
10. Double Shadow (2017) 8:22 Composed by Christopher Reiche. Written for and performed by ContaQt.
11. Biophilia excerpt (2016) 3:07 Composed by Simon Lysander Overstall. Performed by Julie Andreyev (theremin, field recordings).

Musicworks #129 CD released November 2017.
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