Summer/Fall 2017

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"Gong Punks and Culture Bombs: Pantayo, HanHan, and Luyos MC are introducing traditional Filipino kulintang to twenty-first-century Canada in very different ways." by Mary Dickie
"Out of the Cabinet, Into the Spotlight: The Original New Timbral Orchestra becomes a working exhibit, and the National Music Centre emerges as an artistic hub." by Jesse Locke
"The Aural Perspectives of Brodie West" by Nick Storring
"Vicky Chow is Just Warming Up: Piano bars of the Future" by Kurt Gottschalk
"Bekah Simms' Music of Discomfort" by Sara Constant
"Senwaya Paly the Music of the Universe" by Daniel Glassman
Visions of Sound: Artificiel's "Three Pieces with Titles" by Greg J. Smith
Label Profile: "Another Timbre's Canadian Composer Series" by Julian Crowley
Event Review: "Festival de International Musique de Actuelle Victoriaville, 33rd Edition" by Stuart Broomer

1. Duyug (2015) 2:17 Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo
2. Bahala Na (2015) 2:55 Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo
3. Binalig (2015) 3:20 Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo
4. Resilient Grandmothers (para sa Apu Liling version) (2016) 3:29 Composed and performed by MaryCarl Guiao.
5. World Gong Crazy (2014) 4:19 Performed by Alexander Punzalan, Haniely Pableo, Christine Balmes, Romeo Candido, and Rudy Boquila.
6. Bekal Ilmu (2015) 5:57 Written and performed by Senyawa 
7. Ej, na tej skale vysokej (2017) 2:35 Traditional, arranged by Dálava. Performed by Dálava. From the album The Book of Transfigurations (Songlines, SGL 2408-2, 2017).
8.Dyby ňa moja maměnka star [Grass] (2017) 3:04(see previous track credits).
9.Jammers (2017) 4:32 Composed by Brodie West. Performed by the Brodie West Quintet. From the album 17Ep (Lorna Records, 09, 2017).
10. The Horizon (2017) 5:31 see previous credits
11. Vick(i/y) (2008), excerpt 10:40 Composed by Andy Akiho. Performed by Vicky Chow. From the album A O R T A (New Amsterdam Records, NWAM083, 2016).
12. microlattice (2016) 6:57 Composed by Bekah Simms. Performed by Toy Piano Composers Ensemble
13. Matrix of Glass (2017) 5:29 Composed by Evangelos Lambrinoudis II and Mark Limacher. Performed by Corinthian and Mark Limacher.

Musicworks #128 CD released August 2017.
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