Summer/Fall 2017

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"Gong Punks and Culture Bombs: Pantayo, HanHan, and Luyos MC are introducing traditional Filipino kulintang to twenty-first-century Canada in very different ways." by Mary Dickie
"Out of the Cabinet, Into the Spotlight: The Original New Timbral Orchestra becomes a working exhibit, and the National Music Centre emerges as an artistic hub." by Jesse Locke
"The Aural Perspectives of Brodie West" by Nick Storring
"Vicky Chow is Just Warming Up: Piano bars of the Future" by Kurt Gottschalk
Dálava explores the landscape of song” by Alexander Varty
"Bekah Simms' Music of Discomfort" by Sara Constant
"Senwaya Play the Music of the Universe" by Daniel Glassman
Visions of Sound: Artificiel's "Three Pieces with Titles" by Greg J. Smith
Label Profile: "Another Timbre's Canadian Composer Series" by Julian Cowley
Event Review: "Festival de International Musique de Actuelle Victoriaville, 33rd Edition" by Stuart Broomer

1. Duyug (2015) 2:17 Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo
2. Bahala Na (2015) 2:55 Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo
3. Binalig (2015) 3:20 Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo
4. Resilient Grandmothers (para sa Apu Liling version) (2016) 3:29 Composed and performed by MaryCarl Guiao.
5. World Gong Crazy (2014) 4:19 Performed by Alexander Punzalan, Haniely Pableo, Christine Balmes, Romeo Candido, and Rudy Boquila.
6. Bekal Ilmu (2015) 5:57 Written and performed by Senyawa 
7. Ej, na tej skale vysokej (2017) 2:35 Traditional, arranged by Dálava. Performed by Dálava. From the album The Book of Transfigurations (Songlines, SGL 2408-2, 2017).
8.Dyby ňa moja maměnka star [Grass] (2017) 3:04(see previous track credits).
9.Jammers (2017) 4:32 Composed by Brodie West. Performed by the Brodie West Quintet. From the album 17Ep (Lorna Records, 09, 2017).
10. The Horizon (2017) 5:31 see previous credits
11. Vick(i/y) (2008), excerpt 10:40 Composed by Andy Akiho. Performed by Vicky Chow. From the album A O R T A (New Amsterdam Records, NWAM083, 2016).
12. microlattice (2016) 6:57 Composed by Bekah Simms. Performed by Toy Piano Composers Ensemble
13. Matrix of Glass (2017) 5:29 Composed by Evangelos Lambrinoudis II and Mark Limacher. Performed by Corinthian and Mark Limacher.

Musicworks #128 CD released August 2017.
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