Summer 2009

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The Valerie Project: Underscoring the New Wave” by Alex Molotkow
Philip Jeck: Mining Magic from Vinyl” by Julian Cowley
Hélène Prévost: Silence is the Centre” by Richard Simas
Martin Tétreault: The Accidental Turntablist” by Mike Chamberlain
“Deconstructing the Record: The Unlocked Cultural Grooves of Vinyl Interventions” by Tricia Hulshof
“Getting On With It: Three Visions of Music’s Future – Part Two: The Electronic Post-Disco Producer” by John Keillor
Sonic Geography: “Antwerp” by Ken Waxman; “Istanbul” by Mike Chamberlain
Visions of Sound: “Edouard-Léon Scott’s Phonautograms” by John Keillor
Label Profile: “Creative Sources Recordings: Creatively Sourcing New International Music” by Ken Waxman