Spring/Summer 2021

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On the cover: Evensong (2018), a score by Lou Sheppard.
Special section: “Listening Conditions: Raven Chacon and Lou Sheppard discuss new sound projects” by Sara Constant. “Cold Wave: Circumpolar artists Matthew Burtner, Paul Walde, Jana Winderen, and Terje Isungset bear sonic witness to Arctic warming” by Jonathan Bunce. “Shifting the Narrative: Tar Sands Songbook and Future Ecologies use music and storytelling to create safe spaces for urgent environmental discourse” by Jesse Locke.
Features: "James Goddard Makes Brave New Spaces” by Peggy Hogan. “Ashley Au is Stretching Out” by Daniel Emberg. “David Psutka Augments Creative Spaces” by Max Mertens.
Visions of sound: “Scrap Arts Music: Enter the Xylobe” by Linda Barnard.
Editor’s Note: “Sounds of an Unfolding Emergency” by Monica Pearce, with Jennie Punter.
Reviews of music from: New music from Meredith Bates, Dániel Péter Biró, Taylor Brook / TAK Ensemble, Désolee, Endlings, Colin Fisher, Future Perfect, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Insides, Naoto Kawate, Ocelot, claire rousay, Joseph Shabason, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Lara Solnicki, Walter Smetak, Scott Thomson, The Underflow, Wormwood.
Label profile: “Silent Season: Intrinsically Connected to Nature” by Leslie Ken Chu.
Event review: HYBRID—Cutting Edge Canada (virtual MUTEK) by Brennan McCracken.

Musicworks 139 CD

1 Tiny Marimba (2017) Composed by Gregory Kozak., performed by Scrap Arts Music.
2 The Nature of Sound (2019) Excerpt from an episode of the podcast Future Ecologies, recorded December 12, 2019 (FE2.5). Hosted by Mendel Skulski. Produced by Mendel Skulski, Adam Huggins, Andrzej Kozlowski, and Simone Miller. Music and other recordings heard in this excerpt: “Ear Candy” by Sunfish Moon Light; Cricket Voice by Hildegard Westerkamp; excerpts from Directions by Peter Huse & the World Soundscape Project (courtesy of Barry Truax) from the Soundscapes of Canada series produced by the World Soundscape Project, Simon Fraser University, in 1974.
3 An Ecstatic Communion with Nature, an excerpt from Tar Sands Songbook (2017) Composed by Tanya Kalmanovitch. Performed by white-throated sparrows, mosquitos, Tanya Kalmanovitch, and an iPhone running iOS 10.
4 Money Will Make Them Pitiful, an excerpt from Tar Sands Songbook (2016) Composed by Tanya Kalmanovitch. Performed by Tanya Kalmanovitch (viola) and Ted Reichman (pump organ).
5 Nine Songs for New York (2019) Composed by Lou Sheppard. Performed by Carlos Aguilar; Giancarlo Latta, violin; Alec Goldfarb, guitar; Robert Fleitz, piano; Helen Newby, cello; Clara Warnaar, percussion; Carrie Frey, viola; Simone Baron, accordion; Erin Rogers, saxophone.
6 Study for Human-made Bird Calls and Microphone out a Moving Car Window (2020) Composed by Raven Chacon.
7 Syntax of Snow, excerpt (2010) Composed by Matthew Burtner. Performed by Trevor Saint (four glockenspiel and amplified live snow). From the album Glacier Music.
8 Threnody (Sikuigvik) (2016) Composed by Matthew Burtner. Performed by EcoSono Ensemble. From the album Glacier Music.
9 Requiem for a Glacier: Introit (2013) Composed by Paul Walde. Performed by Veronika Hajdu (soprano) and the Requiem Volunteer Orchestra and Chorus, a group of amateur and professional musicians and environmental activists. Conducted by Ajtony Csaba.
10 Live in Concrete (Take 2) (2020) 10:38 Composed by James Nicholas Dumile Goddard. Performed by Skin Tone (voice, mbira, electronics).
11 Section 1 (1–20) (2019) Composed by David Psutka. Performed by ACT! (guitars and synthesizers). From the album Grey Matter AR Snapchat Compositions [100].

Musicworks139 CD released May 2021.
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