Spring 2020

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On the Cover“Neither Here Nor There: Musical Identity in the Global Flow” by Juro Kim Feliz Features: "The Audible Connections of Xuan Ye" by Sara Constant "Sonic Phenomena in Real Time: The Music of Anthony Pateras" by René van Peer "FET.NAT's Post-punk Palimpsests" by Nick Storring"Jen Kutler is Amplifying the Cultural Moment" by Dan Joseph"The Many Trajectories of Erin Rogers" by Kurt Gottschalk
Sound Bites: "Music, Interrupted" editorial by Jennie Punter "2019 Contest winner Alex Buck's Screaming Trees" by Jennie Punter "Backxwash: The Healing Power of Productive Rage" by Chaka V. Grier "Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand Ignites the Rhythm of the People" by Kyra Kordoski
Reviews of music from: Lina Allemano, crys cole, Ian William Craig, Dans Les Arbes, Will Guthrie, Joyfultalk, Anna Höstman / Cheryl Duvall, Xenia Pestova Bennett, Lyra Pramuk, Mark Segger Sextet, Siamois Synthesis, Colin Stetson.
Label profile: "Saw-whet Records: Prarie Experimentalists Unite" by Ian Crutchley
Reviewed: Winnipeg New Music Festival: Women From Space (Toronto); Music: A Subversive History (book).

Musicworks 136 CD
1 Screaming Trees (2019) 8:97 Composed and performed by Alex Buck. First-place winner of Musicworks’ 2019 Electronic Music Composition Contest.
2 Don’t Come to the Woods (2019) 2:15 Composed, performed, and produced by Backxwash. From Backxwash’s self-released album Deviancy (2019).
3 Patio Monday (2018) 3:55 Composed and performed by FET.NAT. From FET.NAT’s self-released album Le Mal (2019).
4 Happy Meal? (2018) 2:22 Created by April Aliermo.5 Happy Meal? (2018) 2:20 Created by April Aliermo.
6 Atropos (2017–2018) 3:46 Music and lyrics composed by Lieke van der Voort. From the Kontraband Kollektif EP Atropos (January 2018).
7 Damage/Visage, excerpt (2019) 2:47 Composition and text by Lieke van der Voort. Performed by Émilie-Girard Charest (cello, voice).
8 center, unrestrained, excerpt (2019) 6:50 Composition and text by Lieke van der Voort. Performed by members of Continuum Contemporary Music Ensemble.
9 solo improvisation (2020) 12:48 Performed by Xuan Ye.
10 This is Newport, excerpt (2019) 2:02 Composed and performed by Erin Rogers (saxophone).
11 Light-On-Light, excerpt (2018) 4:30 Composed by Erin Rogers. Performed by Popebama.
12 Trajectories, excerpt (2013) 1:18 Composed by Erin Rogers. Performed by thingNY. From the thingNY album minis/Trajectories (Gold Bolus Recordings, GBR024, 2016).
13 Ersatz 2019 (2019) 13:04 Composed and performed by Anthony Pateras (celeste) and Erkki Veltheim (viola).
14 Caroline Partamian (2019) 3:40 Composed and performed by Jen Kutler. From Jen Kutler’s album Disembodied (EyeVee, eyevee0004, 2019).
15 Journey to Everywhere and Nowhere, excerpt (2019) 3:09 Improvisation performed by Holy Drone Travellers. From the album जन्म / Birth (Saw-whet Records, SWR-001, 2019).
Musicworks 136 CD released April 2020.
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