Spring 2018

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Musicworks 130 is the first issue of our 40th-anniversary year; the concept of “the journey” is explored through the stories of unique creative artists.

On the Cover: “Sam Shalabi: The evolution of a global aesthetic” by Lawrence Joseph.
Features: “Sarah Hennies, Linguist in the Land of Noises” by Nick Storring.
“Listening in the Bernheim Forest” by Andra McCartney | Introduction by Aaron Rosenblum.
“Pursuit Grooves: Vanese Smith is Right On Time” by Chaka V. Grier.
“Jeremy Dutcher’s Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa” by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson.
Kelly Ruth’s loom music” by Ian Crutchley.
Sound Bites: First-place winner, Musicworks 2017 Electronic Music Composition contest: Erik Ingalls’ The Gravity of Plim by Daniel Glassman.
First-place winner, Musicworks 2017 Sonic Geography Writing contest: “Playgrounds” by Ina Čiumakova.
“Tomoko Sauvage’s Waterbowls” by Greg J. Smith.
“Editor’s Note: The Journey” by Jennie Punter.
Reviews of new music from: Eric Chenaux, Jean Derome, Magnus Granberg, Keiji Haino / John Butcher, Ursula K. LeGuin / Todd Barton, Magda Mayas / Pierre-Yves Martel / Éric Normand, Melody McKiver, Éliane Radigue, Togetherness!, Scott Wollschleger.
Label profile: Redshift Records by Alexander Varty.
Reviewed: Julius Eastman: That Which Is Fundamental (The Kitchen, New York); Listening To Art, Seeing Music (Aga Khan Museum, Toronto). 

Musicworks 130 CD
1. The Gravity of Plim (2017) 3:52.
Composed and performed by Erik Ingalls. First-place winner, Musicworks 2017 Electronic Music Composition Contest.
2. Boreal Eclipse (2018)
Improvised performance by Kelly Ruth.
3.Mehcinut (2018) 4:50
Composed and performed by Jeremy Dutcher. From the album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (JD003) released April 6, 2018.
4. Helmut Down(2018) 4:50
Composed and performed by Vanese Smith. From the album Felt Armour (released March 6, 2018). 
5. Honey Limbo excerpt (2008) 3:47
Composed by Sam Shalabi. From the album Eid (Alien8 Recordings, 2008). 
6. Music for the Egyptians excerpt (2014) 3:30
Composed by Sam Shalabi. From Music For Arabs (Majmua Music, 2014). 
7. Baka of the Future excerpt (2016) 3:27
Composed and performed by the Dwaves of East Agouza: Sam Shalabi, Alan Bishop, and Maurice Louca. From Bez   (Nawa Recordings, 2016)
8. Fleas excerpt (2018) 11:44
Composed and performed by Sarah Hennies. Originally released as a cassette called Fleas (Ultraviolet Light). 
9. Bernheim Arboretum, September 27, 2015 (2015) 6:46
Field recordings by Aaron Rosemblum.
10. Bernheim creek cart traffic (2017) 2:35 
11. Bernheim creek cart traffic unfiltered (2017) 3:23
12. Journées Sonores, canal de Lachine excerpt (2005) 1 :18
13. Streetcars named for saints (2012) 2:13
Tracks 10 to 13 recorded and composed by Andra McCartney.

Musicworks 130 CD released April 2018.
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