Spring 2017

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"Experience Thin Edge New Music Collective Like Never Before!" by Jennie Punter
"Roscoe Mitchell and the Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra" by Stuart Broomer
"The Astral Excursions of John Mills-Cockell" by Jesse Locke
"PEP Expands the Repertoire" by Alexander Varty
"Still Deep Listening: Eighty-Five Scores Celebrates Pauline Oliveros" by Lawrence Joseph 
"Bret Parenteau Widens the Loop" by Daniel Emberg
First-place winner, Musicworks 2016 Sonic Geography Writing contest: Tom Wayman's "Elemental Musics: Selkirk Mountains" 
First-place winner Musicworks 2016 Electronic Music Composition contest: Craig Aalders' "el8dEra 3m" by Daniel Glassman 
Visions of Sound: "Amanda Dawn Christie's Requiem for Radio" by Kiva Reardon
Label Profile: All Set! Editions: Essentially Not Jazz by Nick Storring 
Event Reviews: "Sixth Dither Extravaganza" by Kurt Gottschalk,"Vancouver Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival" by Alexander Varty

1. el8dEra 3m (2016) 6:40 Written and performed by Craig Aalders.
2. Linen (2014) 8:40 Composed by Anna Höstman. Performed by Thin Edge New Music Collective.
3. Le sel de la terre (excerpt) (2015) 6:49 Composed by Patrick Giguère. Performed by Thin Edge New Music Collective. From Raging Against the Machine (Redshift Records, TK449, 2017)
4. Shards and Lemons (2017) 17:17 Composed by Roscoe Mitchell and Craig Taborn. Transcribed by Marc Hannaford. Orchestrated by Roscoe Mitchell. Performed by Roscoe Mitchell and the Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra.
5. Ibistix (excerpt) 4:19 Composed by John Mills-Cockell. Performed by John Mills-Cockell, Douglas Pringle, Alan Wells, and the Toronto Repertory Orchestra, Milton Barnes conducting. Originally released on the Syrinx LP Long Lost Relatives (True North Records, TNX-5). Reissued in the box set Tumblers from the Vault (RVNG Intl., 2016).
6. Melina's Torch (1973) 4:02Composed and performed by John Mills-Cockell. Originally released on Side A of the solo LP Heartbeat (True North Records TN-12).
7. Age of Discovery (1974) 3:04 Composed by John Mills-Cockell. Performed by Per Kynne Frandsen (organ) and soprano Susan Campbell. Originally released on Side A of A Third Testament (True North Records, TN-17).
8. Forgetting Time, second movement of Eternity Gaze (2012) 6:41 Composed by John Oliver. Performed by PEP (Piano and Erhu Project): Nicole Ge Li (erhu), Corey Hamm (piano), John Oliver (guitar). From PEP: Piano and Ehru, Vol. 1 (Redshift Records, TK437, 2014).
9. Her Fragrance On My Flesh (2016) 9:03 Composed and performed by Bret Parenteau. From Perfume Region (Sinnesloschen, SIN-03, 2016).
10. Spectres of Shortwave / Ombres des ondes courtes: falling towers (excerpt) (2016) 6:00 From a film directed by Amanda Dawn Christie.
Musicworks #127 CD released April 2017.
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