Spring 2016

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Kaie Kellough Sounds it Out” by Dalton Higgins
Christine Duncan Unleashes the Elements” by Jonathan Bunce
“The Creative Constructions of George Lewis” by Kurt Gottschalk
Katharina Klement Transforms Her Surroundings” by Caitlin Smith
“The Open-Heart Tunings of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb” by Alexander Varty
Ian William Craig’s Sonic Alchemy” by Nick Storring
Lindsay Dobbin Beckons the Voices Inside” by Andrew Patterson
Juan Camilo VásquezCalíope (canto de las abejas)” by Jennie Punter
Sonic Geography: “Sonic City” by Imogene Newland
Visions of Sound: “Voice in the Art of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer” by Greg J. Smith
Label Profile: “Tenzier: Music from the Margins” by Kristel Jax
Event Review: “November Music. Den Bosch, The Netherlands” by René van Peer

1. AlphabetA (2013) Composed and performed by Kaie Kellough and Jason Sharp. From Creole Continuum (HOWL! Records, 2014). First published in Continent, Issue 4.3, 2015.
2. Sublingua (2011) Composed and performed by Luis El Pana Tovar, Tanya Davis, Malcolm Mooney, and Kaie Kellough.
3. Cloud Hands (2009) Composed and performed by Christine Duncan, Jean Martin, Jim Lewis, Eric Robertson, Jesse Zubot, and The Element Choir. From The Element Choir at Rosedale United (Barnyard Records, 2010).
4. Sigh, Me Good (2005) Composed and performed by Barnyard Drama: Christine Duncan, Jean Martin, Justin Hayes, and Bernard Falaise. From I’m a Navvy (Barnyard Records, 2006).
5. Calíope (canto de las abejas) (2014). Composed by Juan Camilo Vásquez. Performed by Primoz Sukic and Juan Camilo Vásquez.
6. Tatamagouche Composed and performed by Lindsay Dobbin.
7. in dem HIMMEL benannten Darüber, excerpt (2015) Composed by Katharina Klement and subshrubs (Angélica Castelló, Katharina Klement, Maja Osojnik, and Tamara Wilhelm). Performed by PHACE: Walter Seebacher, Alvaro Collao León, Barbara Lüneburg, Roland Schueler, Maxmillian Ölz, and Harald Demmer, and subshrubs. Conducted by Simeon Pironkoff.
8. escalator (2015) Composed by Katharina Klement.
9. Neshima/Breath (2016) Composed by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb. Performed by Satoshi Takeishi and ETHEL: Cornelius Dufallo, Jennifer Choi, Ralph Faris, and Dorothy Lawson. From the LP Shiv’a (482music 482-1090, 2016).
10. Ties (2016) Composed by Take Toriyama. Arranged by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb. Performed by Ayelet Rosee Gottlieb, Satoshi Takeishi, Sean Conley, and ETHEL. From the LP Shiv’a (482music 482-1090, 2016).
11. Jouska Composed and performed by Ian William Craig. Unreleased track from the sessions for his Recital LP Cradle for the Wanting.
12. “The Last Meeting,” scene from Afterword, an opera composed by George Lewis. Libretto by George Lewis. Performed by Joelle Lamarre, Gwendolyn Brown, Julian Terrell Otis, and Ostravská Banda. Conducted by Rolf Gupta.