Spring 2015

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Jean Derome’s Reflections of Joy” by Lawrence Joseph
“The Musical Liberation of Lan Tung” by Alexander Varty
Alex Zhang Hungtai Moves to New Frequencies” by Jonathan Bunce
Cris Derksen Enhances Her Sonic Adventure” by Mary Dickie
“The Passion and Curiosity of Barbara Hannigan” by René van Peer
“The Mystical Instruments of Walter Smetak” by Neil Leonard
James O’Callaghan’s Bodies-Soundings” by Jennie Punter
Myk Freedman Makes Room for an Ensemble of One” by Nick Storring
Sonic Geography: “The Copy Room” by Shannon McKee
Visions of Sound: “Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Tape Echo” by Henry Andersen
Label Profile: “Kohlenstoff: Fresh Mixes in the Electroacoustic Milieu” by Nick Storring
Event Review: “Send + Receive: A Festival of Sound, 16. Winnipeg” by Daniel Emberg

1. Le fruit du hasard (2012) 10:05 Composed by Jean Derome. Performed by Ensemble SuperMusique. This version is the first take of three versions. The second take from the same session was released on the album Bruit Court-circuit (Ambiances Magnétiques, AM211).
2. Ba Ban Variations (2014) 7:36 Composed by Lan Tung. Performed by Proliferasian - Lan Tung, JP Carter, Kevin Romain, and Rossell Sholberg – and Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra.
3. Dancing Moon (2012) 3:55 Composed by Lan Tung. Performed by Orchid Ensemble: Lan Tung, Haiqiong Deng, and Jonathan Bernard. Originally released on the 2012 CD Life Death Tears Dream.
4. Bodies-Soundings (2013-2014) 10:23 Composed by James O’Callaghan.
5. Eider Ducks (2013) 4:23 Composed and performed by Cris Dersken. From the album The Collapse (independently released, 2013).
6. Deer Park United 4:20 Composed and performed by Myk Freedman.
7. Excerpt from Gardens of Death 16:42 Composed by Lawrence Abu Hamdan.