Spring 2014

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Tanya Tagaq Grabs the World by the Throat” by Mary Dickie
Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain Amplifies the Human Condition” by Stuart Broomer
Victor Gama Builds a Brave New Soundworld” by Louise Gray
“Outside the Chamber: Sean McCann, Mark Molnar, and Jonathan Pfeffer Play by Their Own Rules” by Nick Storring
Arne Eigenfeldt Puts the Algo Back in Rhythm” by Alexander Varty
Quatuor Bozzini: Inspiring Recipes for Radical Art” by Richard Simas
Margaret Noble’s Safer Is Better” by Jennie Punter
“Songs in the Key of Geography: Music from the New Wilderness” by Nancy Lanthier
Sonic Geography: “The Blessed Riders of Streetcars in Vienna” by Caitlin Smith
Visions of Sound: “John Preus: Ballads from a Bedpost” by Peter Margasak
Label Profile: “Healing Power Records: Hitting the City With a Sonic Balm” by Jonathan Bunce
Event Review: “Guelph Jazz Festival, 20th Edition. Guelph, Ontario” by Mike Chamberlain

1. Tulugak (2013) 8:44 Composed and performed by Tanya Tagaq, Jesse Zubot, and Jean Martin.
2. Safer is Better (2010) 6:19 Composed and performed by Margaret Noble.
3. A Short Study for Seven Storey Mountain IV, Live (2012) 15:02 Composed by Nate Wooley. Performed by Nate Wooley and TILT Brass Sextet.
4. Warblework-Swainson’s Thrush (2011) 2:42 Composed by Cassandra Miller. Performed by Quatuor Bozzini: Isabelle Bozzini, Stéphanie Bozzini, Clemens Merkel, and Mira Benjamin. From the album À chacun sa miniature (Collection QB, CQP 1113).
5. Salt Spring Improvisation #10 (2012) 4:42 Composed by Quatuor Bozzini in collaboration with Taylor Brook and Nathalie Bujold. Performed by Quatuor Bozzini (members listed on notes for previous track).
6. Running with the Herd (2003) 1:55 Composed and performed by Victor Gama. From the 2012 album Naloga (PangeiArt, Pan106 CD).
7. The Lords of Odem (2001) 3:16 Composed and performed by Victor Gama. From the 2012 album Naloga (PangeiArt, Pan106 CD).
8. Alektrophobic (2013) 5:15 Composed and produced by Jonathan Pfeffer. Performed by Julian Chin, Josh Modney, Olivia de Prato, Victor Lowrie, and Mariel Roberts.
9. Character Change (2013) 7:27 Composed and performed by Sean McCann. From the 2013 album Music for Private Ensemble (Recital, R5).
10. Roboterstück (2012) 1:06 System designed by Arne Eigenfeldt. Performed by the KarmetiK NotomotoN, an eighteen-armed percussion robot.
11. Indifference Engine vs. Brian Nesselroad (2013) 4:24 System designed by Arne Eigenfeldt. Performed by Brian Nesselroad and the Indifference Engine.
12. Winter Was (2013) 6:19 System designed by Arne EIgenfeldt. Composed by GESMI.
13. Live at ESS (2013) 4:09 Improvisation by New Material: Mikel Avery, Tadd Cowen, Leroy Bach, John Preus, and Alex Inglizian.