Spring 2013

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Akio Suzuki Performs the World and its Elements” by Chris Kennedy
Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier: Object-Based Electronic Music Performance” by Julian Cowley
Erdem Helvacioğlu Redefines Experimental on His Own Terms” by Nick Storring
“As Hard to Define as They are to Ignore: The Ratchet Orchestra” by Stuart Broomer
Bennett Jenisch: Winner of the 2012 Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest” by Vincent Pollard
Glen Buhr’s Next Big Thing” by Gloria Lipski
DIY: “Build Your Own Spring Reverb in a Lunchbox” by Roth Mobot (Patrick McCarthy and Tommy Stephenson)
Sonic Geography: “Listening to Iceland’s Ring Road” by Jonathan Bunce
Visions of Sound: “Resonate: An Interactive Multidimensional Sonic Experience” by Peter Kiefer
Label Profile: “Bedroom Community: Artist-centric Icelandic Label” by Jonathan Bunce
Event Review: “The Venice Biennale 56th International Festival of Contemporary Music. Venice, Italy” by Jason van Eyk

1. Analapos + De Koolmees (2007) 11:23 Composed and performed by Akio Suzuki. From the album K7 Box (ALM Recording Inc., URCD-7)
2. Bottle (2007) 2:56 Composed and performed by Akio Suzuki. From the album K7 Box (ALM Recording Inc., URCD-7).
3. Liaisons mécaniques (2006-07) 10:05 Composed by Nicolas Bernier. From the album Travauz mécaniques (empreintes DIGITALes, IMED 12114).
4. Love (2010) 9:02 Composed by Erdem Helvacioglu. From the album Timeless Waves (Sub Rosa, SR323).
5. A Particle in the Vastness of Space (2012) 5:08 Composed and performed by Erdem Helvacioglu and Ulrich Mertin.
6. Buried Gesture (2012) 8:32 Composed by Bennett Jenisch.
7. Resonate: ZKM Museum Mix (2012) 5:38 Composed by Peter Kiefer.
8. Resonate: Boat Mix (2012) 5:02 Composed by Kaspar König.
9. Dusty (2009) 12:43 Composed by Nicolas Caloia. Performed by the Ratchet Orchestra. From the album Hemlock (Drip Audio).