Winter 2011

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Nico Muhly Makes a Detour to Opera” by Julian Cowley
Brian Ruryk’s Guitar Noise” by Nick Storring
Clint Conley and Hildegard Westerkamp: Creative Dormancy as Creative Process” by Jonathan Bunce
“The Ghosts of Cage and Duchamp” by Chris Kennedy
“Where We’re Going: A Call for Avant-Garde Composers to Make Their Work Known to a Larger Public” by Joel Chadabe
Adam Basanta Composes With Perceptive Extremes” by Nick Storring
Scott Thomson: Cartographic Compositions for Musicians and Audiences” by Gloria Lipski
DIY: “How to Build a Light-Controlled Mixer” by Rob Cruickshank
Sonic Geography: “Kitchen Chorus” by Ingrid Rose
Visions of Sound: “Pollination Wunder Station: Extending Our Sense into the Biosphere” by Sarah Peebles
Label Profile: “Toronto’s Standard Form Records a New Music Frontier With its Rural Routes Series” by Chris Kennedy
Event Review: “Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville 27 Edition. Victoriaville, Quebec” by Stuart Broomer

1. Condo Living (2010) Composed by Sarah Peebles.
2. Lift (2006) Composed and performed by Sarah Peebles.
3. Hive Study no. 3 (2010) Composed and performed by Sarah Peebles.
4. MotherVoiceTalk (2008) Composed for two digital soundtracks by Hildegard Westerkamp.
5. Motion (2010) 7:30 Composed by Nico Muhly. Performed by Aurora Orchestra.
6. a glass is not a glass (Mov. I to VI, 2010) 9:41 Composed by Adam Basanta.
7. feelings i’m too tired for (2011) 8:22 Composed by Adam Basanta. Performed by Krista Martynes.
8. Next door neighbor blues (2011) 8:06 Performed by Brian Ruryk.
9. Condo Living (Headphones remix, 2010) Composed by Sarah Peebles.