Spring 2009

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Fond of Tigers: Changing the Tigers’ Stripes” by Alex Molotkow
Text of Light: Playing to the Presence of Light in the Dark” by Glen Hall
Ana Sokolovic: Love Songs for the 21st Century” by Tamara Bernstein
“The Uncategorizable Music of Rainer Wiens” by Andra McCartney and Samuel Thulin
“Working in the Dark: An Interview With Frances-Marie Uitti” by Anne Bourne
Misha Glouberman: He’ll Make You Scream” by David McCallum
“Getting On With It: Three Visions of Music’s Future – Part One: The Composer” by John Keillor
Sonic Geography: “Munich” by Ken Waxman; “Lisbon” by Stuart Broomer
Visions of Sound: “A Memnonium Sculpture” by Michael Duffey
Label Profile: “Amor Fati: Flowing from Bordeaux” by Chris Kennedy
Event Review: “Jazz Brugge. Brugge, Belgium” by Ken Waxman