Fall 2018

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Musicworks 131 is the second issue of our 40th anniversary year, featuring artists who are active in interarts (integrated arts), DIY culture, collaborative composing, and more! 

On the Cover: Peggy Lee and the Joy of Unknowable Notes” by Nancy Lanthier. Cover photo by Mary Matheson.
Features: New Twists in Circuit Bending” by Greg J. Smith. (Artistinvestigators Martin Howse and Darsha Hewitt are cracking, hacking, and making instruments to explore and critique our relationships with technology, the earth, and each other.)
Jean-Sebastien Audets Songs of Ephemera” by Chaka V. Grier.
Maria de Alvear, Rebel By Natureby Nick Storring. 
Sound BitesWow & Flutter Makes Breathing Room” by Sara Constant.
Muxubo Mohamed Dares to Represent” by Monica Pearce.
Carmen Vanderveken is Full of Surprises” by René Van Peer.
Lea Bertucci Composes Time and Space” by Darcy Spidle.
wnoondwaamin | we hear them” by Lisa Myers.
Editors Note: "Getting Out More Often” by Jennie Punter.
Reviews of new music fromAnother Timbre (label); Coppice; Eve Egoyan; Yoko Fujiyama; Jon Hassell; Alanas Obomsawin; Juliet Palmer; Scordatura Ensemble; and Ken Vandermark / Michael Snow.
Label profileBug Incision: "Calgary's Cross-Pollination Buzz" by Daniel Glassman.
Reviewed: Festival de International Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, 34th edition (Quebec); Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound (Kitchener, Ontario); Keith Rowe: The Room Extended by Brian Olewnick.

Musicworks 131 CD
1.Weather Building (2018) 3:20 Composed by Peggy Lee .
From the album
Echo Painting (Songlines, SGL1626-2, 2018).
2. Nagging Doubts (2014) 2:21 Composed and performed by Peggy Lee and Chris Gestrin.
From the album
Tell Tale (Drip Audio, DA01207, 2014 ).
3. End Waltz (2011) 5:59 Composed by Peggy Lee .
From the album Invitation (Drip Audio, DA00853, 2012)
4. Voladores Process excerpt (2018) 7:04 Composed and performed by Lea Bertucci.
5. Betty Blue's Interlude (2018) 1:28 Composed and performed by Muxubo Mohamed / Obuxum. From the EP H.E.R. (Urbnet, 2018).
6. Substrate (2009 ongoing) 7:35 Composed and performed by Martin Howse.
7. As Far As We Know excerpt (2001) 3:03 Composed by Maria de Alvear.
Performed by Maria de Alvear and the Janá č ek Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zsolt Nagy. World premiere.
8. Equilibrio excerpt (2010) 2:56 Composed by Maria de Alvear.
Performed by Juan Carlos Garvayo, Isabel Requeijo , and Atelier Gombau, conducted by Carlos Cuesta. Music from the film The Tale of Yishan Island by Isaac Julien.
9. Flores excerpt (2003) 2:36 Composed by Maria de Alvear.
From the album Flores (World Edition, CD0019, 2003).
10. Sky Music II / Nightsky excerpt (2009) 2:54 Composed by Maria de Alvear.
Performed by Eve Egoyan and the Kitchener-Waterloo
Symphony Orchestra.
11. Vagina excerpt (1996) 2:56 Composed by Maria de Alvear.
Performed by de Alvear and Ensemble Modern, conducted by
Diego Masson. World premiere.
12. Audiopollination 61.1, Set 3, Excerpt 1 (2018) 3:51 Composed and performed by Wow & Flutter: Bea Labikova , Kayla Milmine, and Sarah Peebles.
13. Audiopollination 61.1, Set 3, Excerpt 2 (2018) 6:20 Composed and performed by Wow & Flutter.
14. Staunchly Righteous Non Alignment (2018) 1:13 Composed and performed by Jean-Sebastien Audet / Un Blonde. Previously unreleased.
Musicworks 131 CD released August 2018.
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