Fall 2015

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“The Expanding Universe of Yamantaka // Sonic Titan” by Zack Kotzer
“The Journey of Peter Morin’s Tahltan Song Cycle” by Alexander Varty
Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society: By Way of the Guimbri” by Stuart Broomer
“Fresh Moves in Music Therapy” by Lawrence Joseph
Christine Sun Kim Explores the Politics of Sound” by Christopher Willes
Di Mainstone Fashions a New Sonic Future” by Louise Gray
Anna Pidgorna’s Invented Folk Songs” by Nick Storring
“The Friendly Exchanges of Germaine Liu” by Mary Dickie
Visions of Sound: “The Retro Aesthetic of Le Révélateur” by Greg J. Smith
Label Profile: “Beniffer Editions: Designing Space for Experimental Music” by Nick Storring
Event Review: “Apocalypsis. Sony Centre, Toronto” by John Oswald

1. Crystal Cavern (battle) (2016) 2:57 Composed by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and Pantayo. Performed by Alaska B, Brendan Swanson, Ange Loft, Shub Roy, and Kat Estacio, Katrina Estacio, Christine Balmes, and Joanna Delos Reyes. From the original soundtrack for Severed.
2. Afterimage Selves (2014) 3:55 Composed and performed by Roger Tellier-Craig. From the LP Extreme Events (Root Strata RS94).
3. Represencing (2015) 12:12 Composed by Joshua Abrams. Performed by Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society: Joshua Abrams, Lisa Alvarado, Mikel Avery, Ben Boye, Emmett Kelly, and Frank Rosaly.
4. (Gü) zheng – The Cymbal Speaks, excerpt (2015) 7:24 Composed and performed by Germaine Liu.
5. Weeping for a Dead Love (2015) 10:24 Composed by Anna Pidgorma. Performed by Anna Pidgorna and So Percussion: Eric Cha-Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski, and Jason Treuting.
6. Play The Bridge (2015) 2:46 Sound design by Di Mainstone, Cassini Sound, Charlotte Barnes, Lukas Greiwe, Martyn Harries, and Adam JB. Soundtrack for #PlayTheBridge.
7. The Bridge 2:36 Composed by Dereck Higgins.
8. Klop Klonk 2:16 Created by Di Mainstone and Adam Stark.
9. De Temps En Temps/Now And Then (2014) Composed and performed by Nouveau Jazz Libre Du Québec: Bryan Highbloom, Guy Thouin, and Raymon Torchinsky. From the NJLQ LP En Direct du Suoni per il Popolo (Bronze Age Records).