Winter 2012

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Tim Hecker’s Smeared, Opaque, and Intangible Electronic Soundscapes” by Nick Storring
Pheeroan akLaff Layers Rhythm With Layers of Black History” by Stuart Broomer
Micachu and the Shapes: From Guildhall to Grime Time” by Jonathan Bunce
Zosha Di Castri Gives Listeners Something to See” by Gloria Lipski
Mark Peter Wright: Listening as Territory” by Julian Cowley
Linda Bouchard Brings a Multimedia Piece to the Stage” by Richard Simas
DIY: “Hacking an Audio Greeting Card” by Roth Mobot (Patrick McCarthy and Tommy Stephenson)
Sonic Geography: “A Few More Words About Times Square” by Sean Peuquet
Visions of Sound: “Kymapetra: Invisible Exchanges” by Gregory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt
Label Profile: “ReR Megacorp Releases Innovative, Scarce, and Independent Discs” by René van Peer
Event Review: “CONTACT Contemporary Music: INTERsection. Toronto, Ontario” by Jesse Ship

1. State of New York (2010) Composed by Mica Levi, Raisa Khan, and Marc Pell. Performed by Micachu & the Shapes and the London Sinfonietta. From the album Chopped and Screwed (Rough Trade RTRAD 612).
2. Peripheral Conversations (Excerpt, 2012) 4:04 Composed by Mark Peter Wright.
3. La forma dello spazio (2010) 7:29 Composed by Zosha Di Castri. Performed by Henk Guittart, Adrian Failla, Tzuying Huang, Claudia Schaer, Gabrielle Hamann-Guénette, Hiroaki Takenouchi.
4. Sketch 5 (2010) 4:59 Composed and performed by Tim Hecker. From the album Dropped Pianos.
5. Hatred of Music I (2011) 6:15 Composed by Tim Hecker. Performed by Tim Hecker with additional piano by Ben Frost.
6. The Piano Drop (2011) 2:58. Composed by Tim Hecker. Performed by Tim Hecker with additional piano by Ben Frost.
7. Africa (2012) Composed by Jun Miyake. Performed by Toshiki Bagata, Jun Miyake, and Pheeroan akLaff.
8. Serious (1985) Composed by Pheeroan akLaff. Performed by Aska Kaneko, Toshiki Nagata, Jun Miyake, and PHeeroan akLaff.